Speaking Engagements

Team Concepts’ training programs teach participants transformational leadership techniques. For organizations that lack the time for an experiential program, Team Concepts offers 1-3 hour speaking engagements by qualified subject matter experts in either live or virtual formats. These speaking engagements are designed to motivate and inspire large audiences to seek their own paths toward individual and team improvement.

From business professionals to retired military leaders, our speakers typically study an organization’s history to craft a message unique to the challenges each stakeholder faces. Their engaging and inspiring talks use storytelling as a tool for retention and long-term reflection. They combine personal experiences with historical knowledge to draw strategic parallels for moving an organization forward.

Speaking topics include:
• Inspirational Leadership
• Building High Performance Teams
• Team Alignment
• Team Strategy Development
• Performance Management
• Organizational Resilience
• Human Resource Development
• Logistics and Operations
• Project Management
• Strategy

For more information, please contact Dan Lyons directly at dlyons@TeamConceptsInc.com.