Team Gettysburg

When the Confederate army under Gen. Robert E. Lee approached the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in July of 1863, it was with the expectation of victory and an end to the American Civil War. Within that army was a core group of officers who led the major units within Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. They had fought together, made decisions together, and led together for two long years of war. What they did over the course of the three-day battle changed the direction of American history.

Upon arrival at the battlefield, your group will be divided into two teams representing competing armies. Experiential activities will be linked directly to events that took place on the battlefield in July 1863.

Team Concepts faculty explore the strategic and tactical decisions made by leaders on both sides of the conflict emphasizing the power of teamwork, the effect of ego, personal agenda, personal competence, and individual and collective aspirations in the forming of a high performance team. This program evokes the power of experiential learning, seminar training, breakouts, and inspiration through storytelling.  Like all Team Concepts programs, Team Gettysburg includes classroom, experiential, and seminar components.