Our Leadership Model

The Eight Secrets of Inspirational Leadership model and curriculum is designed to help individuals develop the high performance team formation and leadership skills necessary to effectively lead within any organization. The secrets are used as tool for coaching subordinates toward high performance team behavior. Individually or collectively, they can be used to facilitate camaraderie, trust, and team unity.

Secret 1

Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.
Recognize the commonality in the human experience and its ability to bring people together.

Secret 2

Everyone wants to feel valued.
Take care of your people with sincerity and authenticity.

Secret 3

Define the performance objective.
Clearly articulate specific objectives that are both challenging and achievable.

Secret 4

Ennoble the effort.
Articulate a compelling vision of the future to convey an empowering sense of purpose and collective mission.

Secret 5

Empower individuals within team synergy.
Make each team member feel exceptional while providing the resources for their accomplishment to support team objectives.

Secret 6

Foster personal responsibility.
Challenge each team member to make a personal commitment to be the best they can be and be held accountable for their actions.

Secret 7

Celebrate the journey.
Recognize and reward the team member efforts so that you win every day.

Secret 8

Maintain positive engaged energy.
Demonstrate passion and a positive attitude that will inspire others.