Team Champion

Love ‘The Boys in the Boat’? Give your team the Olympic rowing experience! 

Team Champion is Team Concepts’ signature experiential training program. The Team Champion Olympic Rowing program offers participants the opportunity to row under the guidance of elite-level coaches. The day concludes with a 500-meter race between all boats. Medals are given out accordingly.

The rowing metaphor is particularly useful in assessing team dynamics, achieving flow and balance, and learning to modulate oneself in the context of a greater team or organization. When done properly, rowing provides immediate tactile feedback that the team is aligned properly and working efficiently. Proper alignment and synchronized power application translate into increased boat speed and an effortless feel as the oar travels through the water.

Participants learn that locking into the team objective, rather than their own individual agendas, ultimately makes the job easier for everyone. Individuals grow their inspirational leadership skill set in the context of aligning, motivating, and celebrating a team. This lesson – which translates well to many business situations – becomes tangible in the boat.