Pathfinder Coaching App

Team Concepts has partnered with London-based Hive Learning to create a powerful behavior change app called Pathfinder for leaders, teams and organizations. We’re addressing the challenge faced by training providers and program participants alike in answering the question "How do you maximize learning program effectiveness, keep content flowing, and achieve measurable results AFTER the live session ends?"

Our Pathfinder app provides a solution to interactively maximize learning retention effectiveness. Implemented as a follow up to our experiential programs, Pathfinder will help reinforce learning retention, increase bottom-line value and thus achieve long-term success.  

Watch Dan Lyons discuss the Pathfinder app in this video

The Pathfinder app is designed to make learning:

  1. SOCIAL – platform design encourages content discussions
  2. CONVENIENT – learning takes place at your pace and on any mobile device
  3. DYNAMIC – collaborate and build knowledge together
  4. MEASURABLE – access to in-depth user analytics

This mobile-first platform adjusts to whichever mobile device you use. The platform integrates:

  • Learning “Cards” – to customize learning content and resources
  • Social Media – to foster engagement, promote discussions and make learning stick
  • Multi-media Integration (video, YouTube links, photos, podcasts) – to create diverse learning tools for diverse learning behaviors
  • “Pop-up” Polls & Quizzes – to maximize learning retention in real-time based on the group dynamic
  • Library of Resources (PDFs, documents and other learning tools) – to meet your specific learning objectives for your group


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