Live Programs

The cornerstone philosophy of Team Concepts – The Eight Secrets of Inspirational Leadership – provides a process for creating and maintaining high performance teams. We work with clients to define their learning needs and design experiential programs that convert need to action. We understand that the most effective training happens when participants are fully engaged. Our instructors achieve this by integrating academic, motivational, and experiential elements into a challenging training program environment.

Learning teams will be tasked to create and maintain a high performance team through creating a shared objective for the program and working together to realize that objective. Team Concepts faculty and staff will support this effort by coaching participants to shed the individual ego for the collective, leverage diversity and individual strengths, and develop alignment within and among teams.

Program duration can range from 90 minutes to multi-day events. We have several core metaphors we use for live program delivery, each of which can be tailored to suit specific learning objectives as illustrated below.