Team Dragon Boat

Paddling in 45’ boats, Team Dragon Boat challenges teams of 16-20 to meld into a collective spirit and rhythm. Each boat is steered and coached by a dragon boat professional. Throughout the day, participants learn the value of teamwork and discipline as they work on paddling synchronicity, respond to verbal commands from the drummer, and discover different teammate strength skill sets.

Team Dragon Boat highlights the lesson of becoming part of something larger than oneself more than any other program. Paddling together rhythmically evokes a camaraderie and spirit that drives high performance. Participants lose themselves in the team effort. They learn the importance of leading a team with a clear common objective and a sense of belonging for all team members. When the entire boat is locked into cadence, the experience does become something truly bigger than the sum of the parts and potential for achievement soars.

Like all Team Concepts programs, Team Dragon Boat includes classroom, experiential, and seminar components. Team Concepts has delivered this program in North America, Europe and Asia.