Team Hollywood: Virtual

Create higher performing teams led by high performance leaders with our exclusive Virtual Team Hollywood program.

Your remotely located teams and individuals connect via video conference link to a live instructor and event facilitation staff. In Team Concepts half-day to 1½-day program choices, our expert facilitators lead the participant teams through a movie making process. Starting with initial team (production studio) formation, participants will learn how to develop a meaningful team brand followed by taking a message from storyboard concept to film completion. Participants serve as writers, actors, directors, and editors. Each important experiential leadership element will be followed by group discussion and debrief. The elements include storyboarding, thematic movie selection, costume choice, film shoot, editing and music. Footage shot in remote locations are uploaded to the cloud and edited by a participant film editor or a Team Concepts staff member. The completed films can be watched via an internet connection so that all teams, regardless of location or time zone, can participate in a virtual shared experience. The program concludes with a group screening and 'Academy Awards' ceremony where Best Picture and Best Actor trophies will be awarded.

Team Hollywood is one of our most popular programs, both live and virtual. Team Hollywood emphasizes the search for Aristotle's Best Self as well as the translation of that philosophical quest to the practical application of Best Team.