Team Concepts offers a wide range of experiential programs. We can deliver either standard or custom programs designed to meet your organization’s learning objectives, time constraints or budget.

Program Learning Objectives

Our standard programs are designed to meet the following learning objectives:

  • Provide a leadership and teambuilding program customized to reflect organizational values and objectives;
  • Build camaraderie, trust, team unity and networking value among participants;
  • Educate participants in specific characteristics of high performance teams;
  • Impart specific skills that may be applied immediately in the workplace;
  • Discuss how to implement key learning solutions;
  • Reinforce commitments to change workforce behavior;
  • Engage people in new ways of thinking, learning and acting.

All activities are designed to stimulate patterns of leadership and teambuilding thought to produce:

  • An appreciation of team member talent diversity;
  • A cognitive awareness of team decision making process evolution;
  • A sense of how to work with others to achieve personal and team goals despite seeming conflicting priorities;
  • An awareness of the functional leadership development skills necessary to become an “inspirational leader” within a global business environment.

Program Length

Live Programs Minimum Time Maximum Time
Team Champion (Rowing) 4.5 hours 5 days
Team Dragon Boat (Paddling) 3.5 hours 8 days
Team Energy (Challenge Tournament) 3 hours 8 hours
Team Hollywood (Filmmaking) 4.5 hours 2 days
Team Lewis & Clark (Adventure) 4.5 hours 8 hours
Team Gettysburg (Battlefield) 4 hours 8 hours
Team Golf 6 hours 8 hours
Team Sailing 5 hours 8 hours
Custom Program 4 hours 2 days


Virtual Programs Minimum Time Maximum Time
Team Connection 90 minutes 4 hours
Team Hollywood 4.5 hours 1.5 days
Team Raising The Bar 2 hours 4 hours
Team Gettysburg 4 hours 8 hours
Speaking Engagements 30 minutes 90 minutes

Program Pricing

Program pricing is determined by group size, program type, program length and venue. Travel and lodging expenses for Team Concepts program faculty is the responsibility of the client. Every effort is made to reduce program costs and pass subsequent savings back to the client.


Requests for proposals can usually be turned around within 24 hours. Contact us.