Team Connection: Virtual

Team Connection is a virtual program designed to break down silos and build team synergy in a virtually-connected work environment. This program is appropriate for very small or very large groups, and can be adapted for intact teams or individual participants, and for new or seasoned leaders.

Team Connection begins with virtual team formation, where individuals create connections with one another, honoring and valuing diversity within the team, to allow for alignment and flow of energy. The program then includes challenge activities where team members must communicate effectively and work together to achieve synergy and high performance results. Each activity is designed to encourage participants to hone and test their leadership core competencies while simultaneously embracing those of their teammates.

The Team Connection program includes virtual plenary classroom components, breakouts with active challenges by smaller team groups, and a collective debrief conclusion with optional storytelling elements.

Team Connection is perfectly suited to many of today’s teams where individuals are physically separated and yet must find ways to establish team bonds and leverage diversity to achieve collective success.