Team Hollywood

Looking to engage your team’s creative side or sharpen their project management skills? The Team Hollywood program requires teams to make short films based around the core values, objectives, and goals of their company. The filmmaking process serves as a metaphor for creating a compelling leadership vision. Effective leaders leverage hope and inspiration in ways that motivate their employees to greatness, much the same way great filmmakers instill awe with their storytelling. This program places a specific emphasis on building the leader’s storytelling toolkit around how to inspire others to see the future in a way that brings out their best effort.

Movie production teams are tasked with highlighting organizational core values framed within a movie theme selected from a collection of popular classic and modern movies. Each team is provided a camera, costumes, props, soundtracks, and a coach who will help them resolve logistical or production issues. Participants will experience team challenges and rewards as they work from storyboarding to finished product (a 5-7 minute edited film). The end of the day is reserved for a film festival. Participants vote for Best Film, and Best Actor and Best Supporting Character. Trophy awards are given out accordingly.

Team Hollywood can also serve as an engaging experiential element of an appreciative inquiry.