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Team Concepts’ signature Team Champion program offers organizational teams a chance to experience the sport of rowing first-hand under the guidance of elite-level coaches. Participants are divided into learning teams in which the psychology of bonding mechanisms are highlighted and a journey of discovery into their leadership styles begins. Each team is introduced to the rowing shell and is trained on how to row an eight-person boat efficiently and with grace. As the day progresses and tactile feedback is used to improve the individual rowers’ skills, focus and attention is shifted toward working together as a team. The day concludes with a 500-meter race between all boats and medals are given out accordingly. Continue Reading –> Click to Hide

Team Champion highlights all of the major components of inspirational leadership, but the rowing metaphor is particularly useful in assessing team dynamics, achieving flow and balance, and learning to modulate oneself in the context of a greater team or organization. Rowing well demands not that participants pull hard, but that they pull together. This lesson–which translates well to many business situations–becomes tangible in the boat. Participants learn that locking into the team objective, rather than their individual agendas, ultimately makes the job easier for everyone including themselves. Individuals grow their inspirational leadership skill sets in the context of aligning, motivating, and celebrating a team.

Rowing is a team sport in which technique, discipline, and mental tenacity combine to determine the success of a particular boat. Each eight-person crew is required to draw upon each other’s strengths in order to move the boat effectively. Teamwork is not just ideal but is essential to achieve performance and flow in the boat.

By challenging themselves in an unfamiliar context, participants heighten their awareness of their coworkers, discover their inherent strengths of character, demand a sense of balance and synchronicity, and deeply understand the importance of working together toward a common goal. When done properly, rowing provides immediate tactile feedback that the team is aligned and working most efficiently. This translates into more boat speed and an effortless feel as the blade of the oar travels through the water. The same sense of common mission and purpose is a defining characteristic of high-performance teams in business where communication flows and success feels easy.

Team Energy

Team Energy focuses on engaging a large number of people through an in-depth journey of discovery in inspirational leadership and high-performance teamwork. The client will be divided into small groups. Each group will create a banner that proudly displays its team name, logo, and motto. The banner will act as the team’s identity, unifying team members throughout the day. A round-robin tournament will take place in which each team will have the chance to compete in 10 - 15 different physical challenges rooted in the Olympic Spirit. Continue Reading –> Click to Hide

As each team competes against one another through the series of challenges, they accumulate points that will result in the overall gold, silver, and bronze medal ceremony held at the end of the day. As the day progresses, individuals are able to find strengths and weaknesses among themselves and their teammates as they learn that all challenges are customized to run a fine balance of athleticism, leadership, and teamwork in order to be successful. Each challenge will require that each team meld these attributes together. Teams that adopt this method will quickly find themselves successful.

Each of these events, while in the spirit of popular American and Olympic games, is customized in a way that gives a wide range of abilities the opportunity to be successful. Depending on the athleticism and overall enthusiasm of the client as a whole, we are able to select more physically challenging events.

Each event is hosted by a facilitator and officials to make sure the games are being played fairly and that leadership lessons are made clear. Each member of our staff including the CEO is an Olympic or elite-level athlete, and brings with him or her a tremendous background in elite level competition. In the same vein, we challenge and encourage participating teams to compete and show sportsmanship in the Olympic spirit.

Team Lewis & Clark

Team Lewis and Clark resembles a lot of the academic challenges and framework of Team Energy, with the difference being the focus of historical relevance and application. During this program each team will encounter a series of challenges along the way that will include fording a river, portaging, gathering food by bagging game, using a compass, and starting a fire using flint and steel. Each team’s skills will be put to the test through a series of contests where only one team will walk away with a discovered artifact as their reward. They will interact with Native American re-enactors along the way at trading posts and pick up much needed supplies and/or supplies that may or may not be needed to overcome some of the obstacles along the route. The primitive nature of this program adds a variable that will further place participants out of the comfort of their norms and into a challenging atmosphere, while still encouraging them to be leaders. Continue Reading –> Click to Hide

Team Lewis & Clark is a journey of discovery along the entire inspirational leadership path, but focuses primarily on charting unknown territory. Whether this means creating a unified team of two newly merged organizations or integrating new hires into a rich yet unfamiliar corporate culture, the journey of discovery encompasses risk management, team cohesion through challenge, and the process of learning and growth along a path to success.

team Hollywood

Team Hollywood is a creative yet highly challenging program in which participants are broken up into small groups of 5 to 7 and are required to make short films based around the core values, objectives, and goals of their company. These core values are personified by selecting a movie theme from a collection of popular classic and modern movies. Once a movie is selected, each team is provided a camera, props, soundtracks, and a coach that will help them with the logistical issues involved in the making of the film. Participants will experience the challenge and reward of working within their teams as they go from story-boarding to a finished product of a 5 – 7 minute edited film. The end of the day is reserved for the viewing of these films and finally voting for best film, and best actor/actress, with awards given out accordingly. Continue Reading –> Click to Hide

Team Hollywood focuses primarily on Secret 4, Ennoble the Effort. The filmmaking process serves as a metaphor for creating a compelling vision of the future. Effective leaders leverage hope and inspiration in ways that motivate their employees to greatness, much in the same way great filmmakers instill awe with their storytelling. This program places a specific emphasis on building the leader’s storytelling toolkit and in how to help others see the future in a way that brings out the best in them. In addition to the standard 8 Secrets curriculum, Team Hollywood can also serve as an engaging experiential element of an appreciative inquiry.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed people can change the world. Indeed, its the only thing that ever has”

-Margaret Meade

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a teamwork, a company work,a society work,a civilization work”

-Vince Lombardi

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

-Winston Churchill

team Golf

Vision, alignment, and strategy are just a few of the leadership skill sets we explore in Team Concepts' Team Golf experience. Learning to play golf and perform as a leader requires trust, creativity, imagination and commitment to the high performance objective. Unfortunately many business leaders get stuck in the 'hazards' of playing the game and do not generate the necessary buy-in from their employees to attain necessary high performance outcomes.

In Team Concepts unique Team Golf experience, leaders examine the application of our 8 Secrets of Inspirational Leadership to create winning cultures ‘where everyone wants to feel valued’ and ‘everyone wants to feel part of something bigger than themselves. Continue Reading –> Click to Hide

These first two secrets of our inspirational leadership philosophy are at the heart of driving successful teams through positive engagement. While most companies focus on surrounding conditions, innovative companies recognize the value of continuous success through results-driven training and development. Team Golf combines Team Concepts integrated learning methodology (experiential, seminar and team break-outs) to create an active learning environment where theory and practice are examined first hand.

Using golf as a learning medium, team members experience challenging and fun activities both on and off the course that enhance productivity and interactive support.

Previous golf experience is not necessary, and in fact, the beginner to intermediate golfer makes a significant contribution to the team’s learning and development.

Team Concepts believes that combining business leadership strategy with golf will enhance team success. The game of Golf challenges leaders and team members to discover the steps that are required for positive and sustainable results.

team Sailing

Our sailing program is a unique blend of individual and collective competencies used to teach participants the advantages of leveraging expertise and identifying strengths for the ultimate success of the high-performing team. During this program clients will learn the individual responsibilities and skills necessary to navigate smaller sailing vessels and then, by day’s end, be given the opportunity to transfer those skills to the collective group as they work together to navigate a larger keel boat in open water - tacking and jibing in an America’s Cup style racing event. Continue Reading –> Click to Hide

A full day program will consist of two sessions on the water. During the morning session, participants will be divided up into smaller sub groups of two or three and taught by an experienced sailor, the skills and nuances of handling a 12-foot dingy. Skills will include tacking, jibing, working the jib and main sheets, operating the tiller, weight management, and the different points of sail. These small groups will be responsible for working together as a crew to efficiently maneuver the boat and optimize its speed.

The lunch hour will consist of debriefing this experience and making the connections to the work environment. How did you leverage your expertise? How did you rely on others to compliment your strengths and weaknesses? How did participants respond when presented with the challenges and diversity that a new skill demands of you? Ultimately, what were the leadership and high-performance lessons being learned and executed on the water?

The afternoon session makes a transition to the collective competency as every two small groups are combined to form a larger crew that must now operate a 20-30 foot keel boat. Using the skills they all learned that morning, participants must quickly realign as a new high-performing team in the context of a new challenge. With the help of experienced sailors on deck, each keel boat will get a chance to integrate their new skills with a new crew before racing each other in a pre-designated open water course designed to test the leadership and teamwork of the new sailors.

The day concludes with a debrief of the second session along with a medals ceremony from the race results. A dinner at the yacht Club is also available for groups interested in enjoying the atmosphere a little longer.

Overall, the day consists of blending the experiential with the academic to make sure that the lessons are being experienced, learned, but most importantly retained, for a leadership and team-building session that can be integrated into the working environment for lasting change. We recommend this program for group sizes of 5-50.

speaking Engagements

Team Concepts’ training is based on inspirational leadership which is highlighted in the speaking engagements offered by Team Concepts’ founder and CEO, Dan Lyons.

Dan speaks on a variety of topics of interest to organizational leaders with the primary goal of clarifying the steps necessary to create and lead high-performance teams. The challenges faced by leaders everywhere vary from industry to industry and circumstance to circumstance. They involve melding disparate cultures, personalities, and goals to maximize the potential of every individual on a team to achieve effortless synergy. Dan studies the story of an organization to craft a message unique to the challenges each group faces. His engaging and inspiring talks use storytelling as a tool for retention and long-term reflection. He combines his personal experiences and knowledge of historical parallels with a clear and cogent plan for moving an organization forward to their potential greatness.

  • Integrated Learning method
  • High-Performance Team in Action
  • The Power of a Meaningful Vision
  • Why positive Emotions Matter


The general scope of government work reflects subject matter expertise in the areas of: 


Our courses are delivered at government installations and other contracted venues used for meetings, retreats and conferences. These courses are designed with an understanding of government Executive Core Qualifications and Senior Executive Service fundamental competencies.

Team Concepts offers a range of experiential program types designed to serve Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) - Schedule 874.  We specifically serve agencies seeking training under NAICs Code 611430 -Professional and Management Development Training.

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The Team Concepts webinar is a free service offered once a month to any individual or group interested. During these one-hour sessions, an in-depth discussion pertaining to the important details and nuances around leadership and high-performance will be covered. Topics such as the importance of creating a community, common language, setting performance objectives, and managing individual egos for success are covered. The details necessary to build high-performance teams - that are so often times overlooked or ignored due to lack of time - are finally brought to the forefront for discussion.

These webinars are a great way for individual leaders to gain further insight into what can make them better managers, as well as give them ideas and activities for building a high-performing team. They also serve as a great gathering point for intact teams looking to rally around new lessons as they set goals and implement a process for the attainment of those goals. And finally, for those who have participated in a Team Concepts experiential program, the webinar serves as a great way to sharpen the skills learned and reinforce why leadership matters.

No matter team size, business function, or level of management, the Team Concepts Webinar is a great resource and useful tool to have at your fingertips. 

For information on the next Webinar, please enter your email address above. 

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