Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimal size group for your programs?

While our average size program includes about 30 participants, there is no real optimal size. We have worked with teams as little as 5 and as large as 250 across our program platforms. All of our programs are completely scalable, and customizable.

What locations can you offer your rowing program?

Since our companies inception 20 years ago, we have not come across a client location that we
haven’t been able to deliver on. Obviously our rowing and sailing programs require a large body
of water, and our business model is such that we have created relationships with boathouses
and sailing clubs around the world to ensure that wherever the client prefers their offsite, we are
able to hold it within a 30 minute drive. Team Concepts has held rowing programs all over the
world to include such unlikely locations as Dubai, Shanghai, the Tyrollean Alps of Austria, and
Palm Desert California. In addition to the venue we provide all equipment, food, and drinks for
the day. All you need to do is show up.

Are specific programs more optimal for certain types of groups?

Customizing our programs to the specific needs of our clients is an important part of the
planning process, so once we learn the challenges and objectives of the group, we will have
some recommendations as to the experience that may compliment the group. That said, all
programs are appropriate for all levels of leadership across all industries. More than likely, you
will have a preference as to the experience you want your team to have. In that case, we will
make sure that we work closely with you to customize the program in a way that meets your
objectives while maximizing retention.

How physically intensive are your experiential programs?

Our programs are designed to be engaging and not physically rigorous or daunting. With
regards to rowing and sailing, an individual can choose to exert themselves as little or as much
as they want, knowing that the real success will come from leveraging their strengths and
relying on their fellow team-members. Plenty of breaks and periods for relaxation and reflection
are incorporated in the day. Our experiential programs are designed to give energy to those
participating, not zap it out of them.

Are your programs and services customizable to a companies’ needs and objectives?

Absolutely. We believe that our biggest differentiation from other team-building companies
comes from our ability to customize the program before hand to meet objectives, and debrief
afterwards to make the necessary connections to the work environment. Without these key
areas of academic responsibility, we are simply a sailing and rowing tours company with no

How far in advance must I schedule a program?

6 Weeks or more advanced notice is preferable in order to secure your desired date, location,
and objectives. However, if you’re in a bind we’ve done considerably shorter. If you’re looking to
do it in the United States and the date is available we can pull it together in 2-weeks.

Can your outdoor programs be run during the winter months?

Definitely. We’re a year around company, and while we are obviously a little busier in the warm
weather months, we have plenty of clients that book us in the cooler months as well. Some of
the advantages to our winter schedule is that it’s less booked which gives you more options.
We’re usually also running some pretty good specials around the first of the year. So if you’re
looking for flexibility and a good deal, ask us about our winter months. We have some great offsite
locations to include Florida, California, and Singapore (if that’s your thing), but if you’re a
tough group who doesn’t mind a little cold, we hold a number of outdoor programs in the snow
as well. Rowing in the snow is a majestic thing. Our indoor programs such as Team Energy and
Team Hollywood are also safe routes to go.

Do you need to have experience in rowing or sailing to participate in those programs?

Absolutely not. Our programs are meant to teach leadership and team-building skills not to prepare you to enter America’s Cup or the Olympics. That said, you will get the benefit of using real racing equipment and be led and supported by elite level athletes. Best of both worlds!

What is the appropriate attire for the rowing program?

Check out this PDF  to get the 411 on the rowing attire.

What if I’m interested in the rowing program but have have members of my team who can’t swim?

No sweat, we frequently have persons participating in our rowing program who cannot swim. First and foremost while rowing doesn’t typically have its participant’s wear lifejackets, if an individual insists upon one, we have them to hand out. As for further precautions, we have a motorized safety boat out on the water for each rowing boat. In addition, we also put a minimum of one of our experienced rowers and an experienced coxswain (person who steers the boat) in each participant boat. These experienced personal are trained to keep the boat upright and a safe distance from any hazards

If an individual still finds that they are not comfortable in the boat, we can give them a coaching role which allows them to still participate in all team exercises, however when the team gets inside the rowing boat, they will get in the safety boat with the coach and learn how to coach from there. This way they are safe but still an active participant in the program and it benefits.

Client List

  • Columbia Business School 
  • georgetown university
  • Darden School of business
  • wharton School of Business
  • drexel university
  • University of delaware
  • University of pennsylvania
  • Thayer Leadership
    development group
  • Emory business school
  • chicago booth
  • university of North Carolina
  • harvard business school
  • Deutsche Bank
  • morgan stanley
  • bloomberg
  • aetna healthcare
  • state farm
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Burns McDonell
  • PVH
  • nike
  • The Home Depot
  • waste management
  • tommy hilfiger
  • yellow book
  • novelis
  • sun trust
  • first data
  • turning points for children
  • siemens
  • Tiffany & CO
  • aT&T
  • Schlumberger
  • hughes medical
  • McNeil pharmaceuticals
  • novo nordisk
  • general electric
  • AstraZeneca
  • elan pharmaceuticals
  • johnson & johnson
  • celgene
  • otsuka pharmaceuticals
  • rHR International
  • merck
  • kimberly-clark
  • Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Iroko
  • Dupont
  • wyeth
  • SKKU
  • penske
  • conoco phillips
  • phillips 66
  • marathon Oil
  • shell oil
  • the vanguard group
  • lane construction
  • oz architecture
  • sagewater
  • car sense
  • comcast
  • John Williams Law Firm
  • world economic forum
  • carlisle
  • aramark
  • accenture
  • stanley black & decker
  • DSM


"The metaphors are simply amazing! I have used Dan and Team Concepts numerous times now, including twice with my current company, and we could not be happier. The themes around leadership, teamwork, inspiring others and working together are spot on, and his ability to relate to our business model with relevant examples, compelling stories, and salient take-always is uncanny! I would highly recommend Dan and his team to any company, of any size, seeking a jolt of leadership inspiration for their management team. It was money well spent and a great time was had by all. Bravo and job well done!", CMO, SageWater

- Eric Lecky
CMO, Sage Water

An extremely powerful and effective tool for managers and leaders of all types. The inspirational leadership message hits at the heart of motivating the modern workforce.

-Annalisa Paliyenko
Director of Learning & Development, Comcast

“I have worked with Team Concepts and these 1-day rowing sessions for about 3-4 years and it is wonderful to see Team Concepts leadership come into their own. They did a great job with a very senior level group of executives and it was an absolute hit with SunTrust! The EVP (key decision maker) even mentioned that this was the best session ever! Team Concepts’ skills at facilitation are unparalleled and it is great to watch in action.”

-Tracey Trombino
Senior Director of Business Development
  Emory Executive Education

“I am obviously a huge believer in the system. It is by far the best exercise of translating the concept to team building to actual practice I've ever been involved with.”

-Rick Martin
Director Strategic Accounts for Waste Management

I find the Eight Secrets to be so powerful in their truth and simplicity that I carry a copy of them with me wherever I go.

-Bill McNabb
CEO, Vanguard

I highly recommend this leadership philosophy to anyone who desires success at the highest level, whether you are a recent graduate just beginning your career or a seasoned executive.

-Brian Edgar
SVP, Tommy Hilfiger Canada

To me, it’s all about retention and execution. The eight secrets changed the way I look at my job and at my people and changed the way I lead.

-Russ Michaels
General Sales Manager, Yellow Book

Yesterday, I couldn't find the right words to describe the excellence of your program and its effect on our team. The superlatives keep coming. This morning, Noreen, my boss told me again: ‘It was the best team- building event I've ever had in my career.’ A Drug Safety Specialist said, ‘I learned a whole lot yesterday.’ A Data Entry Specialist stated, ‘I had the greatest time!’ A Receipt Coordinator who rarely interacts with me came up, ‘Thank you so much for putting this thing together.’ A Medical Reviewer stated everybody appreciated this event, which she felt was a ‘good experience to renew’. A Submissions Specialist said she had loads of fun.
Guys, you helped me achieve my goal which is to raise the team’s awareness (to the highest level) that a center of excellence can be achieved through teamwork. Your program of activities gave team members a tactile experience of the principles of high- performance and team excellence. Tom, thank you for the precision and coordination with which you planned the logistics of the games. The games really engaged everyone, including the ones we thought would be least engaged. To our coach, you succinctly and profoundly, yet in simple terms, put together the leadership metaphors and lessons from the games. You have such wisdom at a young age. I think you've won a lot of fans from Celgene. Lastly, please extend my thanks to your entire crew. They were awesome! I think you are very well on your way towards the next generation of inspirational speakers and organizers.”

-Ramil Cabela
Director of Leadership Development at Celgene Pharmaceuticals

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