About Us

Team Concepts is a global high performance teambuilding and leadership development company. We teach both aspiring and seasoned managers and leaders how to create, lead and maintain their own high performance teams. Our model is distinguished by integrating academic and motivational elements with experiential learning platforms. This integrated learning technique heightens message retention and motivates behavioral change.

Our suite of customized programs gives our clients an opportunity to select impactful metaphors to drive high performance toward organizational objectives while increasing bottom line value. Experiential elements include our signature rowing program, Team Champion, among several other metaphors: Team Energy, Team Lewis & Clark, Team Gettysburg, Team Hollywood, Team Dragon Boat, Team Golf and Team Sailing.

Founded in 1995 by Olympic athlete Dan Lyons, Team Concepts embodies high performance ideals in our exclusive team of exceptional achievers. Our staff members have received notable accolades in athletics, business, academics, and military service and want to share the secrets of such success. Together, our program facilitators are committed to spreading the Olympic spirit of excellence and noble purpose throughout the business world.